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File Uploading on Webflow?

Hello! I’m trying to find out some more information about file uploading on Webflow as it is somewhat confusing to me right now.

  1. Can I customize the “upload now” file input field?

  2. Is it possible to upload multiple files on at one time?

  3. What’s the biggest pain point using Webflow’s file uploader? Are there any alternative favorite third-party form tools that people prefer for file uploading?

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Hi @ctln88

  1. Yes you can customize the upload now file input field, checkout this video for more info: Form file upload | Webflow University

  2. No, you can upload one file per upload button. But you can add 20 buttons :sunglasses:

  3. This is subjective, but I’ll say the cost of upgrading to the Business Hosting Plan. You can take a peek at Uploadcare as a good alternative.