How to override the 10MB file upload limit?

Okay so I have a bit of a problem: Developing an application site for a client and the applicants need to be able to upload a video file at the end of the form. I knew about the 10GB limit of uploads but had no idea that the single-file uploads are capped at 10MB. What would be the least painless way to solve this?

You could use a 3rd party file hosting service. like dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive

So ask the user to upload the video on Dropbox and then to paste the share link into a text field? That doesn’t sound very good solution to be honest. I’m ready for the painful stuff, too :slight_smile:

What’s the max file size you need to support? UploadCare is a potential solution, but you’ll need to pay $45USD/month for 100MB file uploads. (They also offer a much pricier version for $385/month for unlimited file size.)

If you choose to go this route, integrating UC is super easy with their docs:

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Thanks mate! I’ll definitely look into this.

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Sure thing! For what it’s worth: if the only reason you upgraded to the Business hosting plan is for the form file upload (and not the other metrics like the Global CDN and increased website visitors), you could downgrade to the CMS plan to help save some cash. Just a reminder!

That’s a fair point. I will look into this and contact support if need be. The site is supposed to go live next week and only be active for one month since it’s an application for TV show. So yeah this was a bummer but thank you for saving my ass!

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