Accessing Form File Uploads through API?

Hi there,

I have a site collecting portfolio/submissions through a native webflow form and file upload component:


In the exported CSV from the form submissions I get these links:

When I try to view them in-browser (when not logged in on webflow) - I get the following error.

{"msg":"You are not currently logged in","code":401,"name":"Unauthorized","path":"/api/sites/farrago-v3/formUploads/dd17181b-3d40-4f3c-8835-5abe22b22802.png","err":"Unauthorized: You are not currently logged in"}

This is a problem because I need to be able to collect and process hundreds of form submissions and automate all the file collection.

I tried making a request with an authentication token like follows, but this didn’t work (returning a 401):

    url = ""

    resp = anvil.http.request(url=url,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK