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Few Webflowgestions

Custom Code Area

Will the custom code input ever be placed in the main design area?

What if you make it so that they slide/drop/pop-up when they want to use it while inside the design area instead of having to go back to the dashboard settings when you want to add or edit. The user would save some clicks and time while putting together their site inside webflow. I’m no app dev so I’m not sure how possible it is for y’all or not. But I think it’s something you should look into doing… if you already haven’t. I actually pictured how I would do it visually… habit… designer in me.

Feedback Area

I know that you guys at webflow don’t want to divulge much future feature info. But as a subscriber, this really does suck. I want to give a suggestion. How about compiling all the feedback suggested by users that Webflow is simply considering (no promises) and sticky it to the feedback section. Users can then easily see what’s been suggest that Webflow devs are considering for webflow. No dates… No promises. Could create some hope in the present… and trust down the line if y’all actually follow thru on some of them. Might also eliminate some redundant request or even create better ones.

At the Playyyygrounnndd

I would suggest updating it or making a user/subscriber access only version that showcases the more popular “Tips & Tricks” section tuts. I’m not sure how possible that is, but I think utilizing that better would help the more hands on learners pick up faster then searching for or watching tuts, in general. The public version could be for showcasing your product in its basic form… the user/subscriber version would include some of the “Tips & Tricks” from the more experienced users. There are a lot of possibilities for the Playground.

In general I really love what y’all have and are doing. I’d like to see Webflow continue to succeed, and I hope y’all are the type of devs that don’t just pretend to listen just for the sake of getting our freelance funds and ideas. Help us help you… that’s usually how everyone ends up winning in some way. Webflow grows, and those who support it can grow from it also if they want and believe they can. Thanks for a great app… hope y’all continue to improve because I don’t plan on going anywhere as long as you do. Anyway I can assist… I’d be happy to.

Many blessings and continued Success.

Yes a split code view to be able to at least view changes in html would be nice… I could see how it might cause problems though if it was a live editor… how to prevent someone from breaking the html ? good questions and anyway, good to discuss these things.

Thanks for all the feedback @thegrafiqlyfe!

Yes we have this planned, but I can’t give you an ETA as there are some other big features we’re working on.

There are a lot of possibilities for the Playground

Totally! We love the playground. We’re thinking about how to put something together on our homepage that can help people get a general idea of how things work.

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In a simple on-home-page tutorial show them how to create a section with container and button. Once it’s done they can click it to register.