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Pop-out Code Editor (modal / window)

As devs yourself on the webflow team, you might understand how tiresome & cumbersome it becomes to always edit code in the tiny webflow head / body frame (yes you can resize, but common - it’s still not pleasant).

Therefore, it would be great if you could add a way for us to have more room for our code, like a pop-out window or modal - best accessed directly with a button on the sidebar instead of always going through page settings and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling … (and yes, that “Code” Button on the sidebar could be a feature only shown when a “advanced developers only - I know how to code” kind of checkbox is activated in the user’s profile to not confuse normal users)


Why not just do your coding in something like sublime text and then just copy/paste when you are done? I do this all the time and it works great.

I use that anyways already for bigger sites. But for smaller ones with little custom code, it would be much more manageable. Plus: Be Honest: There’s a ton of space left on the sidebar for a “code” button shortcut that you would find handy too - even if you pre-compile your code outside, you then don’t always have to go through (page/site) settings.

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I can agree with having direct access to the site code from the editor would be nice.

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