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Feedback: What do you think of our new web application?

Hi All,

Just finished working on a web application that I created with Webflow + some custom work.

Check it out here.

Would love to hear what you guys think, before we make it public.




I like it. I am curious though - how do you alter the view/design of someone’s post?

Hi Sean,

Thank you:) It’s quite simple, most websites are still not optimized for Open Graph (a protocol that tells social networks how to display your content).

Viraly, generates a separate Open Graph page of your URL and allows social networks to scrape it.

Let me know if this answers your question.


Wow really cool stuff man… great work.

nicely done! :smiley:


@PixelGeek Nice! Thanks for giving it a test run. We are planning on lunching in the next 3-5 days;)

Very nice @Eddywi! That’s the simple things that made our life good :slight_smile:

Awesome tool. I didn’t notice any pricing, is this a free or paid service?

Thank you @Daniel_Sun!

@Mogeek, Yes, as of now it a free service:)

Hi All,

It’s official. Our site is up now. Feel free to give it a test run.

Any feedback is much appreciated:)

Here you go:




Awesome stuff. Hopefully the ability to white-label the link in the future. Definitely using it.


Its clean… simple looking site. Gets the point across. Im not into social media but good luck with it!

Nice site @Eddywi !
Just a couple of things website-wise I’m thinking of:

  1. Maybe use a bit more margin on each side of the page as the nav/footer logo and navlinks/twitter icon are fairly close to the edge of the browser window.

  2. Same as above goes for heading and text on your About page

  3. The nav links in the footer could be centered above the copryright text. Now it feels like they’re floating somewhere…

  4. Maybe the links terms & Conditions and “Privacy” are not as important as the other nav links, so may be those could be made smaller and not placed in the main nav. Just to make it a bit cleaner.

  5. Text on buttons is off center vertically. Adjust line height or button padding.

  6. Contact page. The footer is not in the very bottom due to lack of content in the main sections. Maybe set the footer to position: absolute bottom or re-arrange the contact form a bit so it fills the page sufficiently to make the footer rock bottom (on my 21.5 iMac the footer is floating approx 5 cm off bottom.

Other than that great work on the app and site!

@alexanderwong Great tip! Something we should definitely explore.

@StevenP Woow thats great feedback. Can I also ask you for your feedback on different project (in perhaps 1-2 weeks)? Really appreciate a detailed eye!!!

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@Eddywi Absolutely! Bring it on :smile:

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Hi @Eddywi

Great tool and clean and simple site.

However, I noticed you have said “… on the fly” seven times (yes, I counted!) and as a copywriter that’s too many times across the site.

Maybe it’s just me, but it irritated me slightly!

Maybe you want to get the point across through repetition but saying the same thing in a different ways at various points across the site would be more powerful, in my opinion.


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Hi @DanUK1,

Yes, that’s truly an overkill! I perhaps change it up to …generate custom pages within seconds or within a click etc…

Really appreciate your feedback on this, especially since copy-writing is not my skill;)