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Feedback for CV / Resume Website

Hey Guys,
I made a simple CV / Resume Template today and would love some feedback on what I’ve got so far.

Here’s the link:



Very clean, although the buttons on the top are a bit confusing with the inversed colors happening when you hover over them. I would also add some more features, it’s a little to plain in my opinion.

Error noticed: On the Java Script circle their is no interaction when it is hovered above. On the first site.

Thanks missed that one, should be ok now.

Looks great, very clean and nicely laid out. I like the consistency too, and the subtle reveals.

More so from a potential employer’s point of view, would having a ‘menu’ or clever option where you can navigate to a particular section help the experience (i.e. if they wanted to go straight to, your education say?). Just a thought.

Nice work though!

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Thanks for the feedback! Great thought. I’ll have to figure out some kind of nav menu that fits the overall look and feel

I like the version you have now rather than the other version (with the fixed Nav).

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The percentages in the Skills section seem more faddish rather than useful. How do you measure 70% Webflow skills for example?

@uzzer thanks for your feedback

Oops, now I notice my bounceapp link had not saved and there’s nothing in there :frowning: I’d try to add the comments again.

I updated the link in my original post.