Webflow Workshop #108: Q&A with Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin

Join us live on December 19th, 2017 at 10am (pacific)
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Join us for the last livestream for the 2017 year. In this special stream we’ll be joined by Vlad Magdalin, Webflow CEO. He’ll be taking your questions and answering them live. If you’re wondering about what the next feature will be or curious about the history of Webflow, come into the live chatroom and ask.


If you cannot make it to the livestream, you can add your question to this thread and I’ll ask it live.

You’ll be able to watch the recording after the livestream is done.

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Workshop with @callmevlad — December 19th, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific or 7PM CET.

Don’t miss it! We all hope for expected, and unexpected announcements! It happened a year ago too and some things were announced.

Let’s review what has been announced last year and what it had become.

Dec 2016 workshop was a lot about the new refactored code being pushed live. And with it:

— New code will allow nested Symbols, nested Dynamic Lists.

We’re still waiting for this, but it has been said to be around the corner recently. We’re also waiting for IX2 in Symbol and that it probably meant to come with IX2.0.2

— CMS API launching Dec 21st

It launched :slight_smile:


Ah! (I had written that in caps last year, was very excited about it.) This was really around the corner at that time, but that’s maybe more difficult that it seems to be. Let’s ask again about it during the Workshop :slight_smile: This feature will change a lot of things, and will give the sharing between users a completely new dimension. Cloning sites will give you the ability to pick entire design patterns and bring them back to your own projects. There are also concerns: do you want people to be able to pick design patterns in your sites when they share their site’s sharing link in the forum? (I don’t. I want to be able to control when and where I share things). Do you want to allow users to copy paste from a commercial template? This will also open the doors for a new commercial practice: selling bits of design. I can see myself selling a site full of little designed and animated bits, a design Ui kit, a menu library… All of this is complex and has to be sorted before copy / paste is unleashed, I guess…

— User system is on the long term roadmap.

I had forgotten about that info

— New Infrastructure work will allow for 1200px media query (very soon)

There is still a massive crowd waiting for this feature. Will it come in a bigger package, like custom breakpoints with custom grids?

— ANY type of Nodes in the Rich Text element (very soon)

I for one can’t wait for every nodes in the RT. I haven’t thought about what it implies, especially when you give control over RT content to editors. Give your client an occasion to ruin their site, they’ll take it! :wink:

Let’s have a look at the wishlist, the most awaited (voted) features, and their statuses.

  1. Cross-sites copy-paste
    It’s the most awaited feature actually! And it’s said to be “in development”. So maybe you can all re-affect your votes on other ideas :wink:

  2. Search
    It’s live and in beta. I leave it in the list as a reminder that you can now move your votes from it and affect them on other features.

  3. Ecommerce
    It’s said to be in backlog, so not planned yet.

  4. User login/system
    As per last year’s workshop it said to be considered for the long term.

  5. CMS gallery
    It’s not what I’m personally waiting for, but I’d use it on a couple of upcoming projects.

    Can you see how I’m excited? I’m not American or from an english speaking country, so this feature potentially applies to most of my clients. I’m thrilled that it’s now #6 on the whishlist! It’s been said 3 years ago that the focus was naturally put on the US market. And we learned in a recet interview that there’s now over 750K users. How many of us aren’t from an english speaking country? Multilanguage comes with a lot of other ideas such as dates and time formats. If you have some votes stuck on #1 and #2, please come support this proposition with 3 votes!

Let’s stop here, but nevertheless mention:

  1. larger breakpoints
    So, let’s see if we’re getting that soon!

What features are “planned” but not on the 2 previous lists?

  • Paginate collection lists, 641 votes
  • CSS Grids, 222 votes
  • File attachements for CMS, 154 votes
  • Ability to target IDs and combos with Interactions, 16 votes
    I have the feeling that this last one is less relevant now that IX2 can target on combos. I9 don’t see the use case where you HAVE to target an ID.

That’s pretty much all, the workshop is in a little more than 3 hours, I’m excited, there are rumors about the ICQ widget being finally released… so pumped! :wink: /s

In all seriousness, what do I personally want for Christmas? Being able to import References into the CMS along with other data. We can import Option fields, we can import switches, we should be able to import references. I can’t wait for that :slight_smile:

Go re-affect your votes in the Whishlist! https://wishlist.webflow.com/


Nice post Vincent, a great reminder to us all, let’s hope you get what you want or maybe a nice surprise.

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Hi @PixelGeek Hoping to be there, but in case i’m not:

  1. E-commerce, what is the current plan? (If you could allow auto-publishing of collection item changes, then auto-updating stock levels/inventory would be possible with current solutions like Foxy - Nathan was looking into this - it would be a huge win and on par with dedicated e-commerce platforms)

  2. Cross site copy paste / component marketplace / templates - three intertwined elements which could affect each other - what’s the current plan, and how will the implementation work?

  3. More regular updates / the wishlist - we understand things change in development - but can we have more updates when something gets put into backlog for example? Otherwise users make negative assumptions about the feature, or about Webflow’s attitude/approach.

  4. User login/authentication systems for accessing paid content for example - could we see this anytime soon?


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Nice summary @vincent, this puts most of the important points together I guess.
just one note regarding pagination of collection list, as to me this is not an extra functionality but more a fix to a currently broken experience in that area…

I won’t be able to make it for that event, but would still like to know something:
I’d say today one of the disappointments I have with Webflow is regarding speed of Development. I am not a developer myself, but over the past decade I have worked only for online businesses, and all of them had much faster dev cycles. In the last couple of years, we even had monthly releases. Correct me if I’m wrong as I didn’t measure this precisely, but it feels Webflow is way behind in this area. Some projects can take loads of time, sure, but there are loads of small improvements that I’m sure can be churned out much faster and would really help out us users.

So here’s my question: is Webflow working on a way to accelerate development process? Either internally or by allowing 3rd party integrations?


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