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Feedback on Webflow HTML Branding

I paid to be on the pro plan because of the unbranded HTML. To my surprise WF added “generator meta tag” to the code spit. Then what is the worth of the “unbranded”. This is unacceptable. This wasn’t there before, it was just sneaked in. Please I need a redress on this.

There is a toggle in the project to remove the branding from the code.

Dashboard -> Project Settings -> Hosting -> Publishing Options -> Hide Branding from HTML.

This must be done -> per Project.

and it seems to only affect the “Generated in Webflow” messages… I don’t remember the exact messages… but it removes it.

You can do it yourself also… simply by cutting the text out and re-saving the files.

Thats the limit of the debranding. The code will still contain Webflow references and classes.

If you want more intense de-branding… you have to do it yourself. I do… not a big issue… but it is a bit irritating.

He’s not talking about the <!-- This site was created in Webflow.> tag, he’s talking about the meta tags data-wf-site="538*******************" data-wf-page="538*********************". And as far as I know, the only way of removing these is exporting the website and deleting them by hand. It would be really nice if the “Unbranded HTML” feature offered complete unbranding, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little more for that.

These are needed for form submissions to work. We can think of another way but would like your input. Would putting this sort of site data in the Javascript be better for you?


Yeah more like it. But remove the meta tag generator. That to me is annoying after paying for “unbranded HTML.” What can be unbranding other than that?

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So is there anyway to remove the generator meta on the pro plan with a site hosted on Webflow? Is the only way to do this by exporting the code and hosting elsewhere? Would we be able to export and then import the code somehow?

Unbranded should mean unbranded…seriously that’s very misleading in the advertising.

The meta tags are there to keep your forms functional. You can’t leave them out without exporting. If they were to be left out, people would not be able to submit forms on your website. It’s not branding, it’s a functional piece of the website. I agree though, it should be more whitelabeled on the Professional plan, or you should be able to leave it out manually on the site settings.