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Feedback on SEO gain after 6 months on Webflow

Hej Friends,

we made the switch from 10 years of Wordpress with developers to Webflow. In the beginning it was a pain cause we were afraid to lose our Google Position after lots of years with Yoast and all that.

Now we are six months online and we got better seo results than ever. Google seems to like the page more than our Wordpress website on bootstrap with yoast support. We found out that the page speed and the code is much different. Even though programmers often say things like, the code, software like webflow spits out is full of waste, is not right any more. The code is clean, speedy since CDN and Google loves it.

So SEO is not an issue when switching to Webflow any more. Iā€™m really surprised and thankful.

BUT: GDPR is still a pain and a very very sad big issue.