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SEO Issues after Google report

Got some feedback from a SEO expert and very concerned what I am going to do with the website I fully developed on Webflow.

Any comments, feedback and help will be greatly appreciated!

Webflow is a limited suite/application to design sites as you can see in the code section.
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The code such as java and css is too long. Too many paragraphs to call function(s), hence the slowness on smarphones and slightly less on desktops.
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Webflow is also not very good for SEO –as the google report indicates.
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So, in order to fix it, this is what has to happen:.
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A lot of java has to be eliminated, or the code lines have to be compressed or written on the same line, instead of having
a paragraph.
The same will be true for html and css. Paragraphs have to be eliminated/compressed into a single line.
And each re-write or minimization of code has to be tested as you go along. A long process, that could take up to a month.

You can minify your HTML and CSS in the Hosting tab of your Site Settings


Is this in Google Analytics (GA) or a SEO tool’s evaluation? This verbiage isn’t anything GA provides, I can tell you that with 110% certainty.


We have a very positive SEO experience with Webflow with our site:

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Google Tool evaluation

could you please tell me how?

Let me share some screenshots:


This is just the mobile tool. What do your analytics show?

I got it, however, the report is saying some things need to be fixed.


SEO tools vary. In over 6 years in Digital Marketing and over 20 in website building, I have yet to find one tool without a weakness or two, so we employ several to over-lap and cover the areas that another doesn’t do well. This is in addition to site analytics. I’d invite you to do the same. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Trends and even AdWords are just some of the tools I use for SEO, SEM, CRO and email marketing. Once more, the base reports in GA are so generic and rather terrible that they are almost useless unless you’re creating custom views with filters (and without), setting goals, both general and specific key goals, creating dashboards and building custom reports based on your company and website KPIs. Some company KPIs don’t transfer to becoming website KPIs, but that is where your SEO expert is hopefully helping you, but the mobile report you’re pulling this current information from is not the end all, be all report to follow as your SEO bible, especially the part about the paragraph text. If your content follows the 45 to 75 character per line rule, you will be fine.

Good Luck,
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