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Both sites dropped in SERPS since changing to webflow

Hi. Since launching our webflow site versions for our main sites, literally the same day, after 16 plus years pretty stable, the US version of the site especially has lost half its traffic and also dropped significantly in the SERPS. has anyone else experienced this. Google doesn’t seem to ‘like’ it.

That’s quite a broad question. Do you have hard evidence to show us?

I am waiting for my dev to get back from his break to find the evidence but in google analytics, the curve is flat and then bends down on the day/day after launch… it never came back up.

You’re having your Developer do SEO ?

That’s interesting… one job is hard enough… not to many people cross over into multiple jobs.

it’s natural to see a drop on position if you recently (within 6 months) updated your site…
especially if you changed URL’s.

If you did change URL’s… did you utilize 301’s ?

If you didn’t change URL’s… it could be that other sites have improved their SEO efforts…

or maybe… Google just slapping you. It’s happened to me a couple times…

  • And I’m a SEO person… and a Developer.

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