Feedback on CMS development and prioritization

CMS development is given more priority now than the designer. It shows where Webflow is going. We’ve requested for some many things before CMS came in that was integrated or we were told it’s in the pipeline. But it is obvious it wsn’t.

  • Date & time picker for forms
  • Tables
  • Modal Box, etc

Which means customers that signup for Webflow Designer are not as important as the CMS subscribers.

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@topelovely We’re continually working on Designer features and CMS features. The benefit of releasing the CMS is that our dev team is freed up to focus on the entire platform, including the main Designer. Some of these CMS features that we’re releasing are things that were started before we launched or that make the CMS that much more useful. We’ll always be prioritizing the highest requested features.

Come visit our office in San Francisco and we’ll show you some of the cool things we’re working on in the Designer. :blush: