CMS - Wishes for Christmas

It’s all your fault! You got me hooked…

When I first startet with Webflow, I was just designing some nice stuff. CMS brought the potentcy of creating real life, real use websites…

But now I am somewhat stuck. Webflow CMS is awesome but it lacks many things we really need. We are stuck at some really akward place where Webflow CMS is too great to ignore but still having to find workarounds, code tie ins, etc. that don’t always work well.

I want all my information where it belongs: Inside the Webflow CMS database!

Primarily I am speaking of more interactions:

  • Visitors being able to enter things into the CMS database such as guest book entries, reviews and feedback for example.

  • CMS interactions with forms, drawing information from the database for use and choices in forms.

  • I am speaking of an easier way to interact with social media, sharing things on FB for example. Just having fields where to enter the relevant fb account info. Done. No more code.

  • And I am speaking of an Import / Export function.

I realize that a programer can solve most of these things with code. But I am not a programmer and heck, I wasn’t even a web designer before I found webflow.

I just feel like we have been “stuck” at this level a little too long.

Please, dear Webflow Team, take your CMS to the next (much needed) level.

Greatful as always for this wonderful tool and happy holidays,


Tomorrows’ workshop on Youtube is all about the API. Don’t miss it and you’ll learn what in your list will happen and when.