Client Feedback (Design) via CMS

Hey Webflow Team

It would be great it our clients could relay some sort of feedback inside the CMS editor in the form of a comment.

Lets say my client decided to update some content and then has an idea (because client’s always have ideas) for his blog posts to rather have a red border than a black one. He/She could just point and click on the page and start typing their comments - ‘please change border to red’.

This is a rather big feature and I don’t expect something like this to be implemented but it does play well with the workflow and keeping track of which change is where.

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I like that! I asked very early for a way to communicate with your client. Now with WF-CMS it makes even more sense and maybe easier to build as well. I think it would be a great value for the client if he could have a easy way to send messages directly to designer.

It could also be a pain in the… just look at clients from hell :grinning:

External solutions are already available

The article above compares different services, and recommends trackduck.


Yep, know about them :smiley: Still thinks it would of value to have a simple feedback system integrated with WF.

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