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Feedback: New default product types make it easier to sell downloads and services

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How to sell downloads without register/signup ?

Hi! Super cool with Services also being supported - However it would be even more super cool if those services didn’t need a price. That would be a dream feature for me :pleading_face:

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Thanks for the cool community, Webflow

Hey @gaby_izarra , so is there a way to have a product that has both Digital and physical versions of the product in a variant? My problem is that I want to combine a product for a digital and physical CD, but I can’t currently get the shipping section to hide if I attempt to do it this way because there isn’t a way to differenciate between physical and digital products in a variant field… is there? At least not from everything I tried… I really wanted the simplicity of a drop down menu to select Digital or Physical, but instead for now how to set up 2 seperate products to get the shipping to hide or appear depending on what is in the cart. Is this something that can be worked around or added in a future release???

Services product type says: “do not require a shipping address during checkout” - so why does checkout still show a Shipping Address field and show it as required?

Hi @threehex, thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is a recent issue we have been able to isolate. When setting the product type to “Service” or “Digital” prior to editing any other fields the shipping stays enabled.

We are currently working on a fix and I will let you know as soon as this is updated.

A workaround at the moment is to change the product type to “Advanced” and then back to “Service” or “Digital” and save. This will disable shipping where the shipping address will not show on the checkout page.

Any chance we are going to get support for “pickup” products? It is impossible to use Webflow for restaurants that want to use curbside pickup.

Aside from these new types, we really, REALLY need to be able to place custom fields on checkout forms.

Hi @Steven_Stavrakis,

Would you be able to share more information on your specific use case? Within Webflow you are able to set a shipping method to “Free” and rename it to something like “Curbside Pickup.” This will allow users to select this option at checkout.

For custom fields we do have the “Additional Info” element. An extra text field, text area, and checkbox can be added on the checkout page. This information will show in the order email as well as in the order manager.

More information on the additional info element can be found here:

I’m making a website for a food service business. The website needs the ability to take a date and time for when a customer will come and pick it up. This is a common need for many services which need to be scheduled.

The ability to make the checkout form truly custom, meaning the ability to add any number or combination of inputs, and use that data in the confirmation page and email, seems to be the best solution.

Currently, I have a custom code box with input which, when the form is submitted, copies that information to one of the predefined inputs available on the checkout form.

I just wanted to let you know the charity link is broken on the site.