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Feedback: Simplify checkout for orders that don’t need shipping

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This is a great feature, but extremely confusing to implement. My checkout cart breaks if I turn off shipping. I think because the shipping is tied to tax calculation? I think there should be something in there that lets you know that the cart won’t work if tax calculation is turned on. I actually haven’t been able to get this feature to work at all, and because my shop is already up, I’d rather not try anything in case people are trying to purchase.

This is great! Is it possible to pass a download link to someone upon purchase? I know I could put a custom field from the CMS into a customer email but I would want that to be conditional on if I have shipping turned off (and or a toggle I’ve set on my end).

Or do custom fields in the CMS get passed through to the API when someone orders? I could at least grab an email at that point and send it on my end.

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This is a great step forward, I think. But I’ve got a question… do you still have to use online payment when placing an order, or can you skip the payment as well?
It would be great if you can place an order, and pay in cash at the physical store when picking up your goods.
At the moment I’m trying out Ecwid for this, but I would prefer to create everything in the same place: in Webflow.

Would love the ability to skip payment for items that are set to free.

For items that don’t require shipping, once you hide the shipping details portion using conditional visibility, there is no way to have the customer name, or am I missing something?

Customer info form only allows me to have e-mail, I want to have e-mail AND customer name for a non-shipping item (like registering to a workshop session).

Am I missing something, if not, would be great to add this feature.

I tried implementing it, the problem is once customers pay for their digital good, how do they receive it? Is there a way to integrate that process directly on Webflow? The only option I can think of is to integrate with Zapier and whenever a purchase is made, a Mailchimp email is sent with a download link. Any ideas?

I would love to have a credit system payed upfront where customers just download files immediately and skip the checkout process and also a fast one click download without checkout for free products. These two are really common feautures on digital e commerce website