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Confusions and errors in the checkout process on my site—please advise!

I’m testing the checkout experience for a free digital download on my Webflow Ecommerce site and I am experiencing a combination of behaviors and errors on the checkout page that I find baffling.

Here is a short screen recording of the experience:

The URL of the shopping page is https://DrummingPatterns/book. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Ecommerce shopping section.

I have three questions:

Since this is a digital download in the Shopping Cart, not a physical item, displayed in the checkout page:

  • Why is it requiring a shipping method for a digital download?
  • Why does the shipping method (which shouldn’t be showing) show that “No shipping methods are available for the address given,” even though the address I enter in the screen recording is legitimate?
  • The “Place Order” button is disabled. Why? Why does the “Place Order” button not go to the order confirmation page, where the customer would then have the opportunity to download the item?

Thank you very much for anyone who can help or advise me on these issues.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m replying to my post from 4 days ago in the hope that in bringing it back to the top of the stack, someone may notice it and offer their advice.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

Read the comment from @johnramos in this post

Thank you very much for your suggestion, @JanneWassberg.

@johnramos, if you have an opportunity, could you read over my post above, including the linked short video? I’ve tried the workaround you suggested in the post that Janne linked to (change the product type to “Advanced” and then back to “Service” or “Digital” and save), but it has no effect in my case. And I’m also experiencing the additional issues described in my other two bullet points, including the especially critical problem of the “Place Order” button being disabled.

I’m replying to my post from 5 days ago in the hope that in bringing it back to the top of the stack, someone may notice it and offer their advice.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

I took a peek around and not quite sure why the product is still showing the Shipping Address section—however if I choose the No Shipping toggle setting on the Shipping Method div block I don’t see any changes to to checkout page:


This makes me think that while your product is correctly set to a non-shippable product, the checkout page isn’t being updated to reflect it. My guess is that with that Shipping Address block visible, it’s preventing the checkout (your second issue).

Have you tried creating a new product from scratch based on one of your downloadable products to see if the issue corrects itself? It’s possible that if these products were setup prior to the addition of the “Product Type” switch that they aren’t functioning properly and may need to be recreated.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but these are the steps I’d take if the problem was happening on a project of mine so it’s worth a shot :crossed_fingers:

Thank you @mikeyevin,

I appreciate very much your taking the time to troubleshoot my issue, and to offer a logical suggestion that I wouldn’t have thought of. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up solving the issue.