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Feedback: Collect more info from your ecommerce customers

Three cheers for our new Additional Info element that helps you capture custom info from your customers!

Have thoughts or feedback? Share them in this thread.


Yay! Excellent new feature! Now all we need is custom payment gateways :slight_smile:


I want to be as honest as I can. I would be in a commercial for you people as one of those “REAL CUSTOMERS!”

Adding this feature makes my life unspeakably easier. Before this, here’s what I had to do.

I couldn’t afford to incorporate outside form-makers due to time constraints and grinding poverty. But my company makes custom greeting cards, so I had to have fields to accept instructions. Not only that, to ensure solid UX, I had to have it FEEL like they only submitted ONE form.

So I put in an add to cart form, hid it, put a custom form on top of that, made the submit button from the first form trigger the add to cart form to appear and that form’s success message to hide, then make the add to cart button say “confirm,” and then figure out how to deal with the associated, nightmarish margin fluctuations.

After 12 hours, I knew I was going to die. Adjusting just one little pixel on desktop ruined it for tablets, and don’t even get me started on mobile. My laptop actually developed its own artificial intelligence and rose to sentience for the sole purpose of crying out in anguish and asking me to put it out of its misery.

Desperate for help, I ran to the webflow forums, where someone had mentioned it was on their queue of suggested features, something I thought for the longest time just meant “yeah lol we’ll get to it maybe”

I’m scheduled to launch in a week or two and this thing has arrived at the exact moment I hoped it would. Y’all are the only company I’ve spoken to throughout this endeavor that has actually spoken with me as if I were a person, which on its own is remarkably admirable. But moreover, I used to work in customer service, and I had to deal with restrictions that forced me to basically regard the customer with a complaint as an enemy. But Webflow’s like… Just. Ugh. God, I want to work for you.

Anyway, thanks for adding this, I’m really excited to try it out. I’m stuck at a pretty dreadful job that’s like being in one of the cells at Shawshank. Webflow’s been like the tiny pickaxe I’ve been using to carve my way out bit by bit. These info-collection forms are going to make it sharp enough to finally chip through that last bit of concrete separating me from sweet, sweet financial security.

So yeah, great addition! Love it! Thanks guys!


Hear hear! Much needed.

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We’re launching PayPal pretty soon. :slight_smile: Hope that helps! Would love to hear more about what you might want when you say “custom payment gateways” though.

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So. Many. Hoops. Glad you hear we could help!

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Hoping you would get round to providing client billing in £ instead of $ PayPal would be good on client billing also. Apologies for off topic :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Essential feature!

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Not the first time we’ve heard that! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll relay it to our product team. :slight_smile:

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Great, but it is still meaningless if Webflow still do not launch Customer Account features. It’s pretty weird even to customers. People just don’t feel secure.

To shops, we feel difficult to re-market customers too.


As I said on Twitter yesterday, this is most welcome so thank you! I have just one piece of feedback which may help:

I have a situation where I could do with multiple checkboxes, not just one: the first is for a newsletter opt-in and the second is for consenting to something like catalogue postal deliveries. I like the simplicity of the 3 toggle switches for Text Field, Textarea and Checkbox but a little more flexibility here would complete this feature.

Thanks for including the option to have the Checkbox pre-ticked by the way - it’s these small considerations that make all the difference :slight_smile:


@gaby_izarra the ability to choose which payment processor we want to connect. IE braintree or similar. That would allow us to connect European payment systems; Ideal, bancontact…, without them having to be offered by webflow directly.

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Hey @anthonychan2509, it’s something we’re heavily discussing internally. Customer account features are coming, though I can’t promise any kind of timeline. Thanks for the feedback!

With this newsletter signup checkbox how would you go about automatically exporting the email to something like mailchimp? I know how on regular input fields, but it seems like there is a step missing because if they check this it’s just a data point in the submission and there doesn’t seem to be a way to tie the logic of this being checked to whether or not to send their info to an email list.


Will “Discount Codes / Coupon Code” will be added in this feature or will it be its own element?
Any update when we will see this feature?

Thank you and you guys are doing great with the updates!

Hi. My hope is that the Webflow zap implementation will update to expose these new fields and then you could do something like:

  • Apply a Zap Filter to the new order to see if the Newsletter checkbox is ticked (built-in feature on Zapier)
  • If checked, proceed to a Zap Action to add that email address to a subscriber list in Mailchimp / ActiveCampaign etc.

I’ll email support to see when the next Zap update is happening…

That would be perfect!

Thanks for following up on this, you rock!

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Can no longer add Additional Info to Order Confirmation page? How do we get Additional Info fields into the email design?

The video shows the Additional Info element being dropped into the Order Confirmation page design. It seems like this is no longer possible?

There is no Add more Info element for the PayPal Checkout page. Does anyone have a solution?