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Personal portfolio website feedback

Hey Webflow community,

I just finished updating my personal website and wanted to get some feedback and suggestions.

Critique is highly appreciated!

I really like the simplicity - and the expandable little sections are slick.

One thing that got me is that I didn’t really know it was a CV / resumé. Maybe the title should be bigger - i.e. your name - and maybe state something like “CV” or “Resumé”. And the other thing would be that all the sections look the same / flow into each other. At present they’re separated by a headline of slightly larger text. If you could somehow divide them by something more visible - a background on the headline - a line - something.

That’s all. I like it!

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I agree with what Diarmuid said, it feels like your name needs to have a larger font size to differentiate it from your section headings. Also to keep the sight interesting but still minimal you could add some scroll effects so that the different sections change in appearance as they scroll into view i.e change slightly in opacity.

Looks good!

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to implement your suggestions!

Thank you very much!