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Features webflow desperately needs

I’ve come to really enjoy webflow when working on personal projects in which I’ve replaced photoshop as my layout/design tool with your wonderful application. The biggest problem I have is the lack of control on the following:

Control of an element’s vertical-align property
This is nice to have control to have when working with inline-block elements more often than floats.

Control of an element’s cursor property
This essential as when you’re wanting to use javascript to bind clicks to a non-link element that element will - depending on device - not trigger click events on touch devices unless this property is set to pointer.

Control of the base stylings for a, h1, h2, etc.
I cannot explain how annoying it is to have to add a class or modify the header of a site to get my links looking the way I expect.

Control of the box-sizing property.
Complex layouts that are not using your build in responsive grid often make heavy use of this property, and I often find myself frustrated that I do not have access to this property on elements.

The ability to add form elements outside of webflow’s form widget
I personally do not like the fact that I’m forced into using a javascript controlled widget for any forms and often find myself creating div’s and styling them and then after exporting using the class on my inputs.

If these issues were addressed I feel webflow would be better and more used as a design tool for larger, complex layouts / projects.

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position: relative;
top: 50%;
transform: translateY(-50%);

Replicate that in webflow and it centers vertically like a charm.

Put any element in a link block in order to summon the hand cursor on :hover. No need to set a link.

Can you elaborate on this with an example? I don’t get what you’re reffering to.

Shift+drag any form element to place it outside of a form widget. (Or is it Alt-drag? CTRL-drag? Try them all :slight_smile: Also did you try “?” for the list of shortcuts?)

Yeah and everybody wants to style the base tags as well :smiley:

Hey 4 on 5 not bad! Must be feeling like Christmas?

This works for centering vertically and is what I generally use, but for other vertical-align properties it’s not ideal and isn’t as readable code-wise on export. Good examples are things such like

vertical-align: super;
vertical-align: text-bottom;

or more often with inline-block elements

vertical-align: top;

This isn’t ideal as :hover rulings equate to double taps on touch devices, where-as a cursor: pointer; ruling on any element will then make it bindable to click events on a single tap. Also, just generally having the ability to control the cursor is nice…

Basically the ability to define an element as one of the two:

box-sizing: content-box; // border, padding, margin not incuded in width/height


box-sizing: border-box; // border and padding included in width/height.

There are multiple scenarios where box-sizing: border-box; is an ideal property to have on an element.

I did not know this!!! thank you!

Ok, I would like most of these too. And Flexbox support too :smile: