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How to display select staff from a Staff CMS Collections?

I’m building a website with a few Events pages (which are all from a Collections template).
Each event takes place in a different part of the world, and will be staffed by 2-4 staff members.

I built out a Collections List and was able to display two staff members correctly on the page. However, this is because they just happened to be #15 and #16 on the list, so I was able to limit the display to this range of numbers.

However, what do I do if I want to display Staff #3 and Staff #8 on another page? Everything I do to the collections list on one Event page affects all the others, so #15 and #16 are displayed across all Events pages. This needs to be changed. What should I do? I see that I can Limit a range of staff, or I can create Filters, but none of these seem to be able to fix my issues.

Here is my link:

Check the UK, Slovenia, and North Carolina Event pages to see what I’m talking about please!

Hello @troyANFT

You can use a multi-reference field to do that.

Alternatively I would suggest to check these topics:

Hopefully this will help

Thank you, this solved the problem!

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