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The favicon for a site I’m working on doesn’t show up in google search on mobile and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. We already have a favicon in the project settings which works as intended on desktop browsers and what not, but on mobile it just doesn’t.

I tried following these guides but to no avail:


Webflow apparently doesn’t support adding an .ICO file in their assets manager and pathing to the regular .PNG file doesn’t work.

If anyone has an earthly clue how to deal with this, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve noticed the same issue. Funny enough, while the favicon doesn’t appear to show on iOS Chrome, it DOES appear for me in Safari. Leading me to believe it’s a Google/Chrome issue.

Alas, I don’t have a solution for this either but am curious to hear what others find.

I got in touch with support and was able to fix it in no time.

I’ll leave their response here:

" I can see from the Body tag code on the homepage that the favicon is set to 32X32 but looking at the Google documentation, should be set to 48X48 (or any multiple of 48) - Define a favicon to show in search results | Guidelines

That is different from the favicon you upload to Webflow since that one needs to be 32X32. However, you can have more than one favicon.

What I would recommend is updating the favicon in the code to 48X48 and potentially even changing the format so that it doesn’t conflict with the Webflow favicon. You can use any of the formats in this Wikipedia article (which is linked in the Google documentation) including .ico .

If you do want to use .ico then you would just need to host the file elsewhere since you cannot upload that file type to Webflow. We recommend a tool like Dropbox. "

This was the line of code in question within the “Inside Head” tag:

Make sure whatever asset you’re referencing has been uploaded in a size that’s 48x48 or a multiple of it, as they mentioned above and it should fix the issue.


Could you please send the line with the code again?
It didn’t show properly in your post.

the line of code didn’t paste. Please can you paste again. Thanks

Webflow – please update your UI to allow for adding the appropriately formatted favicon (48x48) for the world’s most widely used web browser (Chrome), or at least allow your users to remove the one they’ve added through the dashboard.