Webflow Hosted Site Favicons for Google Search Results Page

Google is now showing favicons of sites on the search engine results page. Google states “the URL must be in the same domain as the home page.” However, all sites hosted on Webflow store images on Webflow’s CDN rather than on the domain. Example URL of an image from a webflow site:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Is there a work around to this?

Hey Julie, although that stipulation exists in Google’s docs, it doesn’t appear to impeded Google from indexing favicons successfully.

I have 50 Webflow-hosted sites currently which all have favicons appearing in Google results. Many are just using Webflow’s built-in favicon settings tool.

Hi Micheal, Also have many websites successfully showing the icon on Google search for mobile but spiritcupboard.co.uk just has this issue and it’s baffling. I have re-indexed and added this to header code Maybe Google is still indexing but I cant figure out why it would happen in the first place when the 32x32 and 256x256 were successfully uploaded in the settings. I know other people are having the same issue just on mobile but cant find anyone who has solved it.