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How to get Favicon to show in search results

Google states that in order for a favicon to show on the google search results for your site, the favicon must be a multiple of 48x. Webflow requires favicons to be 32x. How can I get my favicon to show in google search results with my webflow site?

Here is the link from google addressing their requirements:

I found out that Webflow is only accepting 32x32 and not svg favicons. Google request a svg or at least a 48x48 sized favicon.
Does anybody have an advice for me to make a workaround?
Thanks a lot

Generate an icon, load to assets, then add custom code in your Before body site settings.

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="48x48" href="/assetpath-to-your-favicon-48x48.png">
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That was a great advise. Working now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@BBWorx @webdev I am having some trouble trying it myself. My image is located directly in the assets area and called favicon.png, so would the href="/favicon.png" or would it be some other path? Thank you.

You need to get the actual path to the asset by going into the asset manager, find that asset, then click the gear to view the asset details. There is a link icon. Click it to get the path.
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Man I tried that too and still no luck. May you please upload a screenshot of yours from the code area so I can double check my formatting is right?