Issue with favicon

Hello everyone.
I see for the first time this problem. I have a favicon, but it doesn’t appear in a Google search on mobile. For the laptop it works. The site was made a year ago and all customers have this problem.


Did you follow the guidelines Google provides? @ => Define Website Favicon for Search Results | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

Make certain you are not using a 16x16 icon in your favicon links. Google doesn’t handle it well.

I added the favicon through the General Settings of the project as usual.
I did the same with 100+ projects and all websites don’t have this problem. For example several websites:

If you don’t share a URL how can people investigate and help?


I think you didn’t make any mistakes, Google just needs so much time to change it.
Try to go to Google Search Console and request indexing on the website again to maybe speed up the process.
I had the exact same problem with one website, trying to fix it, and couldn’t. Took a look a few weeks later and Google changed it.

But I loaded favicon about a year ago. This is not enough?? :grinning:

See my message above.

Google doesn’t like 16x16 icons, it creates problems.
You have one on your page, probably in your custom HEAD code;

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="16x16" href="">

Not sure what is the problem then, it should be enough. Mine updated after maybe 2-3 weeks. Maybe try to upload the fav icon again, ensure it meets all conditions(size, I think it should be 16X16…), and try to index the website again in the google search console.

Because I looking for a solution. I uploaded ico format. Also, I added 32x32 and 16x16 in the header custom code yesterday

Ah, you still have that icon on your site however, and that’s the #1 cause I’ve seen of “missing icons” in search results. Here are some notes;

This is interesting,

I was curious what Google will respond with if I ask it directly through the API;
Here are the 32, 48, and 256 sizes Google has stored for your domain.

In any case, here’s what I’d do;

  1. Ditch all the non-standard formats, esp the 16x16
  2. Verify 100% that your homepage can be indexed by Google. Check google search console for errors, check your robots.txt, make sure you’re not blocking that homepage index, because that’s when Google picks up your favicon.
  3. Maybe recreate and re-upload your icons to Webflow, just to be sure they’re current, valid PNGs
  4. Request re-indexing of your homepage using google search console

Cross your fingers.

The fact that Google is still holding on to the default Webflow favicon from aaaages ago before you added your own suggests to me that there is something wrong with your PNGs. Or, possibly, you added the 16x at the same time, and google’s favicon processor seems to choke on that.