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Facebook and/or Instagram feed on a Webflow site?


Has anyone on this board who incorporated a Facebook or/and Instagram feed into their website?
I’ve got a couple of requests from my clients regarding that service but my programming and knowledge is somewhat restricted…

Read a few words about the Facebook feed on and it states that you need a HTTPS end-point…eh? Que?

Anyone with a thought or two about this is highly appreciated!


It’s difficult if not impossible to access Facebook without https… as the feeds they generate not only pull info but also connect the visitor to facebook (allowing him to comment), it makes sense that it’s required to provide an https host. Doesn’t it?

I read that at best it’s a user setting.

Yes it makes sense. Does that apply for an Instagram feed as well?

I don’t know but I’d be happy to read your best practice when you’ve done it… I’ll have to work on IG integration in a couple of months.

has anyone done this yet? I am interested in this as well @vincent @stevenp

Nope, I haven’t tried it :confused:

Hello, guys!

Facebook feed is possible to add to the site, but there is a limitation, that it only works with public pages/groups, not private accounts.

Also, here is a site with bunch of jQuery plugins, which you can instal to your site. Some of them have even free versions.

You can find there Facebook feed and Instagram feed.
Here is how would look like my public Facebook page feed in free version :

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If you want to imbed Instagram into your website you can us a widget like

Hey all, Im new to the forums but was looking around at folks asking questions on Instagram feeds. We used its free, sign in to link your account then has some settings for how you want it to be viewed. Hope that helps

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