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Instagram Hashtag Feed Javascript


I am planning to create a website that would be displaying an Instagram Hashtag Feed. I found this script online ( and would like to know how would I incorporate this to Webflow. I have no coding experience but if needed, I am willing to learn.

As much as possible I want to reduce costs and would like to steer away from paid services as this will be a non-profit project.

Thank you!

Here’s the pertinent part of the documentation.


So, set the div up that you want to display this feed, and give it an ID of “instafeed” without the quotation marks. Here’s a screenshot of where to set this ID:


Then, just copy and paste the code snippet they give you in your page’s custom code.

Sorry I don’t have more time to give a detailed answer, but I hope that sets you on the right path?

I will be trying this, thank you!

Keep in mind you need your instagram client id (google it). The steps for the id are more complex than implementation of this library (the implementation are less than one minute).

If you got id i will add for you “steps guide”.

Any idea why am I getting a ‘Registration Disabled’ button?

hh this is why i wrote this sentence :slight_smile: Very bad UI/X for this process - “nightmare”.

Try her (also google it):