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Instagram Feed for Webflow in 2017


What’s the best way to get a dynamic Instagram feed into Webflow? Ideally, it should be cost effective and reliable…



@Ty_Lou It’s simple to add a Instagram feed to a webflow site using a embedded block and any 3rd party script.
See a site inbuilt in webflow has one towards the bottom. You can inspect the element and get the code there.

You could make different insta feeds on your website link to different Instagram accounts using a dynamic embed but besides that I’m not sure which part of an Instagram embed you would make dynamic and edit from the CMS?

Hope that helps!

  • Scott

You could also try Zapier and connect it to the Webflow CMS.

A little thread here: Instagram import with Zapier to Webflow CMS

Good Luck


Thanks guys for this. I will look into these options

I’m currently working on a project where I’m implementing an Instagram feed. I used the embed block and this free tool

Good luck :slight_smile:


Looks good. Thanks for the heads up.

Would be possible to share the view only version of the site you are working? If you can’t due to NDA or any other reasons then I understand.

Sure – here’s a read-only link of the project (still a WIP, but the Instagram feed is working)

Scroll down the homepage and you should see it :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you so much.

Yes, light widget is easy and free. I use it too.


But is light widget safe?..

In what way could Lightwidget be “unsafe” do you reckon?

@iveduboua, @Ravnbo I was thinking the same I’d like to use it for a client’s instagram but it asks you to login; does anyone knows of a plugin that doesn’t require login in to use it? Thanks.

Snap Widget?

If you need a custom integration or have a project reach out to me.


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