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Page Load Very Slow

Hi Guys,

We’re experiencing painfully slow page-load times despite constantly clearing our redundant CSS and optimising all Images for the browser types. We’ve read there’s a bunch of script which is esssentially non-critical but still chewing up date on loading.

We’d love some support / advice on how we can either ourselves look at this and delay some of the load script, or indeed some external support to take a look at our project.

Many thanks in advance fellow Webflow-ers!
Chris Newman

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can you share your website link

It’s particulalry slow on Mobile. Appreciate you taking a look.

I don’t see a problem here. I think it must be your internet connection.

But, you can try compressing your images to kinda fix it.

Every time you add a script to your page, it will affect the load time and performance. You can evaluate the impact of scripts on your site by using dev tools in your browser. In dev tools, you can block the loading of individual scripts and then test to see how page speed is affected by using lighthouse. You can also copy the html from your test page and run that on a local machine to play with changing script parameters without affecting your live site.

Tuning for page speed performance is a complicated development task and requires a deep understanding of the elements that can impact page speed performance. There are limitations to what you can achieve with Webflow since some of the loading and web server settings are beyond your control.