Website loading time - issues

Hey everybody and thanks in advance for the help

We are experiencing crazy load time for our website -
The main issue from the test we did is the - First Contentful Paint (4.1-4.4 sec!!!).
The website size and images are not the source (2 MB for the whole website) .

Things we tried in order to optimize the load time

  • Removing all JS of third-party analytics services
  • Removing the Adobe type kit API ( fonts)
  • Removing costume JavaScript elements in the design
  • Upgrading our plan to business to improve the CDN to Global CDN!

Things we are going to try

  • Into Cloudflare

Other than that we are quite lost in understanding what’s the cause of this load time, It would be very helpful if anyone would have any advice on how to improve this.


Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 12.53.38|431x499

For me your site looks like it is at lightning speed. Maybe it took gtmetrix a while until it recognized your changes?

Also tested PageSpeed Insights and it looks pretty good: PageSpeed Insights

You can try to reduce render blocking typefonts & stop using pngs…

I solved it, it was google optimize that slowed down the website

I wonder if their is a way to run google optimize without it slowing down the website so much

I solved it, it was google optimize that slowed down the website

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