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Placing vimeo or youtube videos in a site w/o titles and extra graphics

Trying to place videos - from either my youtube channel and/or my vimeo channel - and would like to eliminate title graphics, etc.
would love to “turn off” profile pic, title, share, like, comment, etc.

On other services you can do an embed - which gives you customization options from the host.
Does web flow let you embed? all I see is the “link”.

Any thoughts?

You can place any custome code into your website using the embed widget in the webdlow designer.

so, instead of “placing a video” – I should place a widget with vimeo’s embed code?

Thats right. You can also use the embed widget to use the html5 video tag to play your own video files. You will need your files hosted somewhere.

That sounds quite easy and doable.
thank you big time! :smile:

widget working great. all excess titles/graphics gone.
Only remaing problem – Cannot resize for responsive.

the size baked in the embed code keep the embed the same size across all platforms.

I’ve try adding an extra class in the mobile sizes to aid in resizing, and it cascades up to desktop.

Any last thoughts…?

thx by the way. :smile:

Hi @scottbarbey, this post should help: [Tutorial] Responsive Video using HTML Embed

Cheers, Dave :smile:

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