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I’m hoping to get some help troubleshooting the “Invalid video link” and “Invalid embed type: link” errors that I get when trying to link self hosted videos into the video element.

I’ve tried MP4 and WebM videos on my own server and also on Dropbox.
Here are the links that I’m testing with:

I’m trying to add a bunch of videos in the CMS, so I need to use the video element rather than pasting embedded code that I’ve seen in some of the other forum posts.

Is there anything I need to be doing differently with my videos?

@PixelGeek hinted In yesterdays webinar that this feature will be built natively into Webflow “soon” :smile:.

Anyways, I think this will be able to help you:

Thanks for the link! I read through that thread and didn’t see anything about using the video element rather than the embedded code element. I can’t use the embedded code because I am trying to link all of my videos through the CMS.

I do not need to upload my videos to Webflow, just link them as I already have them hosted elsewhere.

I’m trying to understand why my self hosted video links do not work when linked in the video element while videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc do work.

Ahh sorry, i misread!

I’m not sure if the video widget supports any other sites other than Youtube and Vimeo.
But why not upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo? :smiley:

Hey @angelav you can use any Emed.ly supported video hosting platform to host your videos and add them within the CMS Video data field: Providers | Embedly

Please let me know if this helps! :smile:

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