Video URL not allowed

Hi, I’m trying to link to a video on my server and getting ‘invalid video link’ If I use the same URL in my browser it works fine. What am I doing wrong? Or does the video have to be on Vimeo, Youtube etc.?


Hellooo. Anybody out there?

Webflow is using Youtube and Vimeo as far as I know. Also the regular webflow widget is giving you the ability to input video URL while it is creating a whole iframe for this one.

Is there no way to imbed a video from the customer’s server or does it need to be posted to YouTube or Vimeo first ? I’m trying to imbed a “.mov” file…

Adding the direct url gives the “invalid video” error msg, as Cam has pointed out…

Any help would be appreciated…

I would convert the MOV to MP4, since MOV only works if you have the quicktime plugin. MP4 is more universal.

Then embed an HTML5 video tag with the src pointing to where the video is hosted.

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Gr8… Thank you, PG… I’ll give that a shot !! Appreciate the help !!