100 Page Limit workaround

Our site is coming close to the 100-page limit. We have several products with support articles. As much as we can, we have used collections, but the reality is a lot of content has no set format and cannot be templated.

We are considering splitting the current project in two:

  1. For product about 15 pages
  2. For support, about 70 pages

We need the two projects to push to the same site it looks technically possible, but any suggestions or advice would be welcome.

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You have to look into reverse proxying is the only way you can achieve that and stay on webflow hosting

Hey Ross,

I’d be concerned about committing to that path, because “more static pages” is rarely a fix for anything. In a year you might need a 3rd site, then a 4th, and the admin alone would be a massive headache.

Even in the most extreme case, you’d probably do better with a creative AJAX-based solution, or heavy use of custom code in the CMS.

Just encouraging you to rethink the “cannot be templated” perspective, because you can do a ton with the rich text element and its embedded custom code elements. And you can extend it as well with tools like Refokus rich text enhancer and Sygnal’s hierarchical lists and tables.

You can also create multiple pre-designed layout variations for your CMS collection pages and collection lists, so that your items can presented with a “best view”. Here’s a cloneable I published today which demonstrates that.

Thanks so much for this the support team at webflow suggested the same.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I’ll do some more research on the CMS and the project you provided.