Exported site form integration

Hi Guys, if I am going to export our webflow site and upload it to AWS s3 bucket, I shouldn’t use the built-in form element in webflow am I right ? Will it be difficult to implement the form integration by using the existing code on our contact page? any possible solution for this one ?

appreciate any suggestion thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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See Collect form submissions on exported sites | Webflow University

Choose a third party processor or roll your own.

@webdev thanks for your reply jeff. Sorry I am not a developer myself and I am a little bit stuck on this.

I have all the input name matched on our prod website but I am not sure what form action URL I should fill in here for gpayments.com.

From view-source:https://www.gpayments.com/contact/ I can see the action URL is “changed by function add_action_url()” Do I put this up for my action url as well? I have also embed all the require javascript

Here is my current preview link

appreciate your help !