Contact Form on Exported Site

Does anyone have resources on processing a form from an exported site without the use of a third-party? I have read about a solution from Tectite’s FormMail - It’s been nothing short of a disaster.

I have designed the form how I want in Webflow and am not interested in using ugly third-party options.
I just need the form contents to be sent to my email.

Any info on this is appreciated.

Here’s a link to my site if it helps.

Hello @ethanfox I’m a bit confused at what you’re trying to do. I couldn’t find a form on your website, but are you trying to just trigger an email to be sent to you once someone fills it out ? That should be possible with the default Webflow functionality. If you’re trying to do something a bit more complex then that’s possible too with an integration software. Let me know and I’m happy to help!

Graphic-Logic I’m exporting my site from Webflow so I cannot use their handling. I am trying to find a way to process forms on my exported site and have the form info sent to my email.

You’d need to do this through backend coding, probably the best way is to use a form embed or something similar.

@ethanfox- I use which does not require you to change your forms, only the action. It is a simple form processor. There are others in the third party integrations section of the Webflow University as well.