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Export code and payment gateway


I’m not sure wether this is in the right category, please correct me if it isn’t.

So, I’m working on a small, personal website with the lowest budget. The reason is, I probably won’t profit from it at all (or in a very very long time). I’d just have two comic books on the site for people to buy. There would probably be just a few transactions in a year.

That said, I would not like to spent $29/mo for a Webflow Ecommerce hosting and preferably not even the $12/mo for the Basic hosting. I’d wish that I could just export the code from Webflow and somehow get a payment gateway (Stripe?) to work in it.

I have very minimal coding experience, so is this kind of setup realistic at all? Do I have to have the Basic or Ecommerce hosting to make this work?

Why not just use a paypal buy now button on each item page. Zero recurring cost.

That’s a great idea! I feel kind of dumb now but I really hadn’t heard about this before. Thank you!