Stripe not available in my country (Panama)


So Stripe is not available in my country, I know about stripe atlas but is way to expensive for me, I am just planning to build a website where I can sell merch, post blogs, events, etc… For making the payments I found that stripe won’t be an option for me because doesn’t support my country currently. I found a payment getaway that does support my country (is called PagueloFacil Ecommerce - Paguelofacil Developers), I would like to know what solutions people developed for this situation.

I found a tool called Wized, that created web apps in webflow, but I haven’t seen in their tutorials how to add a payment getaway that’s not stripe.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Panama Car Republic

There are other third-party solutions you can use with Webflow that support many different gateways. Take a look at