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Webflow e-commerce exported code cms


i wanna ask if it’s possible to export the code of an e-commerce page with CMS. I think i would lose my client if i tell him that he has to pay at least 45 dollars a month. So i wanted to export the code and host with on a different server. Also

How would this be managed, so if someone orders something would i still get an email with the order etc.?

No, CMS and Ecommerce have to be hosted on Webflow.

The both have backoffice and server side functions so it’s not really possible to just export them and host them elsewhere. CMS could be exported as flat, losing only the capability of adding and editing posts, but ecommerce needs a stock management, among other features requiring a server side program.

It’s worth noting that anyone on an ecommerce plan theoretically should be making income off what they are selling on the website. I’d use this as a time to educate that $45/month for something that will (hopefully) make you much, much more than that each month is a wise investment.

Shopify, the platform I recommend to all of my clients who - for one reason or another - wouldn’t be a good fit for Webflow, starts at $29/month and includes drawbacks like longer development time, and limited functionality with the lower level plans. These “all-inclusive” selling platforms may look more expensive on paper, but in turn they take over the responsibility for server maintenance, security, and updates - all of which are passed on to you.