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Eventbrite button Embed Checkout


I am trying to create an HTML embed element to enable the Eventbrite button Embed Checkout feature to allow event attendees to download their ticket without leaving my website.
The HTML code is provided directly by Eventbrite ( ).

I have pasted the code into the HTML element and published, but nothing appears when I load the page, I can’t see the element on the live page.


I have managed to show the button, but now I have another problem related to style.

The text colour background of the button containing the code is white, I would like to make it exactly as the one next to it. How can I do that?

This is the read only link of the project and this is the link of the page where you can see the HTML element (the second red button with red and white background).


The page I am editing is called “EVENING TALKS (template)”

You should be able to change most of it from the designer, I should think.

I am trying to change it through the designer but I can’t find the way to remove the white background colour from the text (as you can see from the image). Any idea how I could remove it?



Add a class to the button and style the background color. You are seeing a browser default style of background-color: buttonface;

Thank you! I am not really a coding expert so I’m not sure where I should place the code you shared with me inside the HTML embed code editor and what’s the right way to write it.

Here is the snippet of code I have copied from Eventbrite, where exactly should I place the background colour code?

Thank you!

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did you find an answer to this? also struggeling adding CSS / styling options to my button