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Java code with highlighted text

Hi everyone,

I’m not very good with code at all so need a little help. I’ve embedded and custom code into a and HTML block. It’s a form from I’m using the pop up embed code which works fine. However, there an issue with the text being highlighted in the button. In chrome it was a white highlight which I managed to hide by making the button white. But in Safari it is gray and cannot be hidden.

I have tried to over-ride the default CSS using the WF styling panel to style the HTML embed. I also tried referencing the CSS in the code but still not luck.

Here is the link, it’s the Book 15mins free trial button which is the issue:

Read only:

I really appreciate your help anyone. Hope you’re all doing well in this difficult time.

I think the button on the paperform is called data-paperform-id

make new div, rename it data-paperform-id and make the bg white
see if that works