Enabling SSL on projects already hosted with Webflow


Hopefully a quick query about enabling SSL for those that know better than me. I’ve read a few linked articles but I’m still not 100% on making the change just in case.

I have a couple of projects hosted on Webflow via a custom domain and wondered if…

  1. Can I simply enable SSL if they are already hosted on Webflow?
  2. Or do I have to update the A records and/or CNAME again?
  3. Are there any implications for links and SEO?

Thanks in advance.

And just to add…

  1. Will enabling SSL cause any down time whilst it propagates?

Hi there,

Great question, and I’m happy to help!

Yes, you can enable SSL if you are already hosting with Weblow and the following article is extremely helpful in walking through the process: https://university.webflow.com/article/connecting-a-custom-domain#step-2-enabling-ssl

You would need to complete the following for your DNS settings:

  • If SSL is ON in your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: &
  • If SSL is ON in your Webflow settings, the Webflow CNAME record values should be: proxy-ssl.webflow.com

There will be a little down time as your DNS records propagate.

Hopefully this is helpful :bowing_man:

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Thanks for clarifying mistercreate. Sounds pretty straight forward.

I take it new SSL certificates have no bearing on 301s or cached links etc? I’m just paranoid about making any mistakes that cause a glitch in my clients site search, traffic and analytics.


Oh, I definitely understand and thanks for reaching out.

All 301s and cached links will also direct to the secure URL.

Definitely a great question

Wicked. Thanks for the advice.

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Glad I could help! :webflow_heart:

Hello again,

I’m finally getting around to switching this project to SSL and I got stumped with a problem right away. My default URL is blairdrummondsmiddy.co.uk.

Option 1 - Webflow is recommending I change my domain to redirect to www.blairdrummondsmiddy.co.uk instead.

This isn’t an option as the root URL is used on printed collateral.

Option 2 - If I want to use the root domain (blairdrummondsmiddy.co.uk) as the default I’ll need to consider switching my DNS provider?

I don’t understand why. I can change the DNS (Dreamhosts) to root or www in their console. I’m not a fan of using a www prefix, seems entirely pointless.

Do you know how I can switch to https://root?

Thanks again.


Just bumping this, hoping to get it resolved soon.


Hi Will,

The following walk-through shows how to accomplish exactly what you are looking for: https://university.webflow.com/article/setting-the-root-domain-as-the-default-domain-on-ssl-hosting

I have actually completed this for one of my own projects to test the solution: https://createsomething.io/

Fab, I’ll take a look. Much appreciated.

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