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Embedding Ziggeo (or any custom code) into eCommerce


I’m building an education marketplace that requires potential clients to upload a video of them skiing for analysis by an instructor. Early days right now, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to integrate custom code into an ecommerce product?

I’m using Ziggeo as my video upload tool. Currently I have jotform as my product checkout form as it includes a ziggeo upload widget and a stripe payment, so I can associate videos with product purchases. But what I’d LOVE is to integrate the ziggeo upload widget into a webflow ecommerce and pass the video info into my purchase information. Then I can reference the ziggeo database and find the correct video submitted against the product request while keeping everything tidy and within the webflow eCom world.

Site for context - work in progress -

So, is there any way to embed custom code into eCommerce and pass additional data from the ecommerce form submit into webflow?


Looks like a similar issue to this How to tie checkout for a digital good to a form submission together without 3party tools - #13 by LucaVJ
It depends on the specifics of the workflow you need.