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Embedding Stripe checkout form onto Webflow form

User can come onto the site to view homes and features (layout, upgrades, etc.), select the options they like then submit their choices. Once they select the “submit” button, they are directed to a checkout page to make their deposit to secure their home.

I’ve created the form and embedded Stripe’s checkout link as a redirect after the user submits the form. I now want to see if it’s best that we embed the Stripe checkout form on the main website versus redirecting them to a new page. We’re only seeing a small % of people placing a deposit so we’re wondering if maybe embedding the form would encourage them.

Has anyone done a Stripe checkout form embed on Webflow? That would also submit the form data on the website as well?

Hi @indigoyo!

We actually include a native Stripe integration within our Ecommerce solution.

Our Ecommerce solution allows you to add products, and then have a user checkout via a checkout page. You can also add product variants to each of your products.

If you wanted to create a quote first for the order you could user our Free Orders feature. With Free Orders users can go through the checkout flow without entering card information. The user will then receive an email with their order information. Afterward you can follow-up with the user and send an invoice or quote for their order. You can then collect payment outside of Webflow.

To use our Free Orders feature simply set the price of the product to $0.00. At checkout the user will only need to fill in their email and billing address.

Keep in mind that an Ecommerce site plan is required to use this feature and a Stripe or PayPal payment gateway will need to be connected.

For additional reference on working with Ecommerce I would recommend visiting our Ecommerce course here: Webflow Ecommerce | Webflow University.

We don’t need a full Ecommerce service as we only have 4 products and Stripe provides checkout links for us to redirect the user to. If we could embed the Stripe form onto the site vs redirecting them to a checkout page utilizing Webflows ecommerce then that would solve our immediate problem.