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Embedding social share widgets with pre-written content

I’m looking for a solution (ideally plug-and-play) that allows me to embed widgets onto my site that allow visitors to share a pre-written (by me) message to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email (various chat services would be great too). Basically, this with the ability to include a custom pre-populated message.

Does anyone know of any app like this, or is there a way to easily create this function within Webflow?

Hi @Devin_Lyttle!

We’re really sorry, our widget still doesn’t support the feature you’ve mentioned. However, this is a great idea and we’re sure many people will enjoy it and find it useful. We have added it to our wishlist tool and our developers will start implementing it in the near future.

Thanks for the idea again!

Best regards,
Elfsight Team

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