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Tweetable phrase

I couldn’t find a way to insert the twitter icon in the middle of a phrase, to make it easier to readers of my blog to tweet that preselected phrase. I would love to have that tool because it increase the chances of users to share the content. Thanks!

You mean something like this @vadelfino, as seen on InVision blog?

Yes Filipa! how did you do it?

Sorry, I didn’t! That’s just a screen shot from InVision’s blog. :confused:
It would be a great addition to webflow though.

Yes I agree with you, it makes users more likely to share posts in Twiter.

Look how nice is in this article

Hey @vadelfino and @Filipa you may find this helpful (made it a few months ago):

Hi @Waldo, thanks for sharing; it may come in handy :smiley: I’ll bookmark it for future reference!

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Thanks @Waldo! I will give it a try

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Another solution would be to use clicktotweet where you can simply use any link (button, link block, text link) and turn it into a tweet.

Thanks @brryant :smiley: