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Embed Dropbox video won`t play in some Browsers

Hey friends,

i´m still new to this era of webdesign…

I have created a video-embed directing to a dropbox file.
Works fine, but only in firefox and safari.

Please have a look and teach me.

PS.: i`m desperate!



Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Test

Hi @Yaz using video from Dropbox is not recommended.
there is many requests on this forum with similar issue. Here is one

but you can find more requests on this forum when use advanced filer with keywords video dropbox

or on internet with use of your favourite search engine.

Hey Stan,

i did some research. Tbh i couldn´t find a solution.
Wondering what would be the best way/method to implement a start video on a site.

Anyway, thanks for responding.



hi @Yaz the best solution is to use hosting services that are primarily build for sharing as eg. Cloudinary

The easy and cheap solution is to host it on Youtube or Vimeo. Also, a good alternative is a CDN. You can use Digital Ocean Spaces for $5/month with 250 GB of storage. Plenty of space and will work with Webflow :smiley:

HI @pkarpisek I have mentioned Vimeo as alternative several times here on forum but some people have issue to display video without player navigation. I can’t agree with YT as it add adverts automatically without any permission of video creator(owner) and you really do not want to have popup some freaking advertisement in your header video.

Advantage of services as Cloudinary is that serves optimised source. But of course if you know how to code you can use any hosting to store content and provide fetching and optimisation with code.

No need for code. Just replace the movie.mp4 for the link on your CDN. I have no experience with Cloudinary, so I can’t speak for that.

<video width="100%" height="100%" controls>
  <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support the video tag.

I noticed, that when i add “controls” in the code, i can manually press play and the video runs.
But i dont want to have the controls in sight.
Unfortunately the command “autoplay” in the code doesn`t start the video automatically.
So the “autoplay” doesnt work. Am i right?

<video autoplay width="100%">
  <source src="" type="video/mp4">

Is there another way to start the video automatically?

Hi @Yaz sorry to step back into your thread but why you do not use background video? Your video have only 8mb and WF limitation is 30mb max. Once video is uploaded it will play automatically. If you would like to stop video after first run here is thread from this forum.

if you would like to see how it is set up here is link to Read Only link and live preview

But of course it is how I will do that and it may not be what you are looking for.

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Hi Stan,

thank you very much. I already tried this solution but does it scale to mobile?



HI @Yaz I do not know what do you mean? Video scale as it should, have you checked the live preview or read only links I have provided?

Yeah i checked live preview. it scales in desktop view. but when i switch to mobile view, the video is cropped.

ok @Yaz it should be fixed now by adding video width and height 100%. Is this you’r looking for?

hey Stan, you´re the man…
Thank you very much. Works perfectly now.
Have a nice day!



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Hi @Yaz if the issue is sorted feel free to close your request as solved. :wink:

Have a great day

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