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How to stop looping background video

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Hi @stevo2989 I come across same issue I have to solve and it is a simple task to do. I have add to WF “background video” element it’s id hero-video than I have pointed to its first child that is <video> element it self. This allowed me to remove attribute loop from <video> element. Now bg video plays only once.

const heroVideo = document.getElementById('hero-video').children

Hello, I have tried both recommended techniques to no avail.

Read-only website: Webflow - HarfangWeb

I have tried with and without Webflow.push();
I don’t know what else to try. Can you help me out?


hi @Simon_Loiselle and welcome. You have to place your code in before body end section and it should work. I have tried on your live page and it worked for me.

const heroVideo = document.getElementById('backgroundVideo').children
// console.log(heroVideo)

You do not need push. If this animation is only on your homepage just place this code into you page settings


Works like a charm, thanks Stan the man!

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