How to create code to embed a dropbox video

Hi there,

I have been looking at numerous forum posts as to how to upload a drop box video and make it my page background, I have tried so many different ways and have now totally confused myself.

This is the read only link to my page -

I am currently using Safari 9 browser

This is the video I would like to embed

I have been following this Complete custom code for full browser HTML5 video background and have tried but obviously not writing the code correctly.

Please help! thank you.

To get the direct link to a video do this:

In your Dropbox dashboard right-click on the video you want and click Get share link (Something like that)
You will get a link that will look like this:


Now replace with:

so you will get:

So this is your link: (

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I have now done this

<video autoplay loop style="min-width:100%; min-height:100%;" poster="/images/video.gif">
  <source src="" />
  <source src="" />
  <" />
  <img src="video.jpg">

and the video now appears within the website, but it is not responsive?

What i usually do is this: Section > div that covers the section > the html embed that covers the div.

Ok thanks but can a div become a whole background of the website?

Hi @julietcarmen, this is a good question and can be done with some styling. Can you post a new question with some screenshots of the trouble you’re having when designing your embed? (this post appears to be more code focused.)

Thanks in advance!